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Packers Lose to Bears and Vikings Win No Playoff Spot

After so many high hopes for                                                  clinching a spot in the NFL Playoffs, the Packers face the disappoint-ment of falling short. The Packer’s December 16, 2018 game against the Chicago Bears resulted in a 24 to 17 win for the Bears.

There’s no way to put a positive spin on it: the Packers played horribly during the first quarter which practically set them up for failure! The first quarter ended with 0 for the Green Bay Packers and 7 for the Chicago Bears.

In the second quarter, the Packers performed better, but just barely! They scored three points for a field goal, but the Bears scored a touch down, bringing the score to 14 for the Chicago Bears and only 3 for the Green Bay Packers.

Since Green Bay only scored another field goal during the third quarter as well as a touch down, they were able to put pressure on the Chicago Bears by tying the score at 14 to 14. At the same time, Green Bay’s defense activated and prevented the Bears from scoring any more. The third quarter closed with a tie in the score: the Packers surged up to 14 and the Bears remained at 14, making them enter the fourth quarter with a fierce desire to win.

In the fourth quarter, the Packers basically played like losers, giving the pumped-to-win Bears a huge advantage. The Bears didn’t really even need this advantage in light of their performance throughout this very important season-ending game because the Vikings beat the Dolphins to eliminate the Packers from the Playoffs.



  1. 27harperv February 8, 2019

    I liked how you kept it real and kept it positive

  2. 27wesleyp February 8, 2019

    I loved the way you explained the game. I agreed with all of what you said! Go Panthers and Packers!

  3. 27ammonf February 8, 2019

    Hello Cole! I really enjoyed this post because of how discriptive you were about everything that happened In the game and not just the fact that the team that you were cheering for lost the game.

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