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Amazing First Road Win





Packers beat the Jets 44 to 38 during their last game of the season. Talk about a high-scoring game and a really nice way to end the season!

In the first quarter, only the Jets got on the scoreboard with one touchdown and an extra point, putting the Jets on top with 0 to 7 in their favor.

The second quarter had a lot of touch downs, extra points, and a field goal. Coming back from scoring zero points in the first quarter, the Packers were hungry to reach the end zone and defeat the Jets. Jake Kumerow, a less well known player for the Packers, caught a 49-yard pass to score the first Packer touchdown. Even though the Packers put 17 on the scoreboard, the Jets were still in the lead by four points at the end of the second quarter when it was halftime.

The third quarter was a sad one for the Packers who barely inched up on their score with one field goal. The Packers only reached 21, but the Jets surged all the way from 21 up to 35 points by the end of the third quarter.

Going into the fourth quarter, it didn’t look hopeful for the Packers, but they came back strong. They got 30 points and really had their confidence back, scored, and went for two. But then the Jets drove down the field to kick a field goal and tie the game as time expired.

Going into overtime, the Packers won the toss, so they got the ball first. They scored a touchdown and won the game!


  1. 27harperv February 25, 2019

    I really liked the photos!!!

  2. 27aravg February 25, 2019

    Cool it went to overtime

  3. 27arabellaf February 25, 2019

    Can you maybe make it easer to understand.
    I do not now like any thing about sports!

  4. 27averyhill February 25, 2019

    you might want to put the letter in black and not gray and the screen behind is very hard to read the words.

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