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First Wild Card Round in NFC

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NFL Playoffs 2019 have begun! What a competition it is going to be this year! Though this writer is disappointment that my beloved Green Bay Packers are not in the NFL Playoffs this year, I am ready for an exciting series of games.

First up in the Wild Card Playoffs, the 3rd seed Bears go up against the 6th seed Eagles. Expected to be an exciting game, the Eagles gained a victory by a mere one point with the Eagles finishing at 16 points and the Bears close behind at 15 points.

After a pretty uneventful first quarter, the Eagles were in the lead. They only scored one three-point field goal, but at least they got on the score board. The Bear, on the other hand, did not even score in the second half when they had a good chance to do so.

In the second quarter, the Bears came back to the lead with two field goals. Though the Eagles tried to score, they did not make any progress. The score was 6 to 3 at half time with the Bears in the lead.

The third quarter was pretty boring with very little scoring, but the Eagles did manage to make one touchdown, bringing their score to 10; the Eagles were now leading the Bears who were stuck at 6 points.

Knowing that they were coming from behind, the Bears really went after it in the fourth quarter. They scored both a field goal and a touchdown; however, they missed their attempt at an extra point.

Remembering their 2018 Super Bowl win, the Eagles went hard after a touch down in the fourth quarter; like the Bears, the Eagles missed their extra point, making the score was 15 to 16. The Bears drove the ball to the 37 yard line, but the field goal kicker missed the game-wining field goal. In summary: the Bears playoff wins 0; the Packers playoff wins 0.

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