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An Introduction to the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament

The Big 12 Conference includes many strong basketball programs, but the Conference only has 10, NOT 12, teams which come from these five states: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, and West Virginia.

Contributing the highest number of teams to the Big 12 Conference for Men’s Basketball is Texas with four teams: Texas Tech’s Red Raiders, Texas University’s Longhorns, Texas Christian University’s Horned Frogs, and Baylor University’s Bears.

Two states, Oklahoma and Kansas, give two teams to the Big 12 Conference. These are the Oklahoma teams: Oklahoma State’s Cowboys and Oklahoma University’s Sooners. The two Kansas teams are the following: Kansas State’s Wildcats and Kansas University’s Jayhawks.

Although the states of Iowa and West Virginia contribute only one team each to the Big 12 Conference, these two states also have teams that are in other conferences.  Even though they come from a small state, those West Virginia University Mountaineers are pretty tough.

Iowa State has an interesting story behind its team name and mascots. When Iowa State was first founded as a college, the mascot was named Cy and was a more stiff and old-fashioned type of mascot; he could only walk around, not do any stunts. Iowa State wanted a new, more energetic mascot with greater mobility, but they did not want to get rid of Cy. Therefore, at some time around the 1980s, Iowa State created their newer mascot who was named Clone. Fans will more likely see Cy at football games and Clone at basketball games. Eventually, Iowa State merged these two mascot names together and created their current team name, the Iowa State Cyclones. Iowa State is very dear to my family because both of my parents are alumni, making everyone in our family a huge Cyclone fan for obvious reasons. 

As a tiny piece of history, the Kansas University Jayhawks won the 2017-18 Big 12 Men’s Basketball Championship. More on Big 12 Men’s Basketball is to come next week.


  1. 27samiyam March 22, 2019

    I love how you describe each team with it’s own little picture! That was a smart idea. It’s great!

  2. 27wesleyp March 22, 2019

    I loved this post. Can’t wait to see Iowa st.
    GO DUKE!

  3. 27colem March 22, 2019

    I like how you informed everyone on the teams. I didn’t know the teams in the Big 12, but the text is kinda hard to read because there are a lot of pictures.

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