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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2019

The NCAA Tournament—aka March Madness—began with 64 highly talented and competitive teams. “Win or go home” is the only way these teams play. So who made it to the 2019 Tournament?

Starting with East Division and Duke vs. North Dakota State, Duke won 85 to 62. Virginia Commonwealth University lost to University of Central Florida 58 to 73. Next up, Liberty beat Mississippi State 80 to 76. Maryland beat Belmont by two points 79 to 77. Yale lost to Louisiana State in the first round 79 to 74. Michigan State dominated Bradley 76 to 65. Minnesota beat Louisville 86 to 76.

Now in the second round and still the East Division, Duke beat University of Central Florida in a tight game 77 to 76. Liberty lost to VA Tech 58 to 67. Maryland barely got beat by Louisiana State University 67 to 69. And Michigan State blew by Minnesota 70 to 50.

Finishing with the East Division, Duke barely beat VA Tech 75 to 73. Louisiana State got steamrolled by Michigan State 36 to 80. In a heartbreaking loss, Duke lost to Michigan State 67 to 68.

Moving to the West Division, Gonzaga beat Farleigh Dickinson University 87 to 49. Syracuse lost to Baylor University 69 to 78. Marquette faced defeat by Murray State 64 to 83. Vermont lost to Florida State 69 to 76. Buffalo beat Arizona State 91 to 74. Texas Tech beat Northern Kentucky 72 to 57. Then Florida beat Nevada 70 to 61. Montana lost to Michigan 55 to 74.

Gonzaga beat Baylor 83 to 71. Murray State lost to Florida State 62 to 90. Texas Tech beat Buffalo 78 to 58. Florida got beat by Michigan 49 to 64. Gonzaga beat Florida State 72 to 58. Texas Tech beat Michigan in a low-scoring game of 66 to 44. In a whale of an upset, Gonzaga got beat by Texas Tech 69 to 75.

Tune in next time for updates on the South and Midwest Divisions in the NCAA 2019 Tournament.



  1. 27aravg April 5, 2019

    Cool I wish Duke won

  2. 27samiyam April 5, 2019

    Wow! I actually never knew what NCAA was until I read your blog post! Cool!😜

  3. 27zanes April 5, 2019

    I like how you put the score

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