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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: Part 2

Part 2 of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament—aka March Madness—focuses on the Midwest and South. To summarize the outcome, there were many surprise wins and upsets.

During the First Round in the Midwest Region, Auburn beat New Mexico State 78 to 77—which was a tight game. Northeastern lost to Kansas 53 to 87—which was a pretty wide spread. Washington beat Utah State 78 to 61. Iona got beat by UNC 73 to 88. Albany Christian University lost to Kentucky 44 to 79 in devastating game. Wofford beat Seaton Hall 84 to 68. Houston beat Georgia State 84 to 55. Sadly, Iowa State got beat by Ohio State 62 to 59.

During the Second Round in the Midwest Region, Auburn beat Kansas 89 to 75. Washington got beat by UNC 59 to 81. Kentucky beat Wofford 62 to 56 in a pretty low-scoring game. Ohio State got beat by Houston 59 to 74. Auburn beat UNC 97 to 80. Kentucky beat Houston 62 to 58, and then Kentucky got beat by Auburn 71 to 77.

On to the South Region’s First Round: St. Mary’s got beat by Villanova 57 to 61. Purdue beat Old Dominion 61 to 48. Cincinnati got beat by Iowa 72 to 79. Tennessee beat Colgate 77 to 70. Oklahoma beat Mississippi 95 to 72. Gardner-Webb lost to Virginia 56 to 71. University of California Irvine pulled out an upset on Kansas State 70 to 64. And Oregon beat Wisconsin 72 to 54.

During the South Region’s Second Round, Villanova got beat by Purdue 61 to 87. Iowa got beat by Tennessee 77 to 83. Virginia beat Oklahoma 63 to 51. Oregon beat University of California Irvine 73 to 54.

In the Third Round, Purdue beat Tennessee 99 to 94. Virginia beat Oregon 53 to 49, and then Virginia beat Purdue 75 to 80.

Coming up next is the Final Four in the the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2019!

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