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2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The coveted Stanley Cup may belong to the Carolina Hurricanes in 2019!

Just because I live in North Carolina, I do not have to be a Hurricanes fan, but I actually am a huge Canes fan!  Since the Canes do not advance to the Stanley Cup Playoffs every year, we could be called the Browns of the National Hockey League—which is not a coveted among any professional athletic teams.

Forget the past! The Carolina Hurricanes have reached a new milestone: 2019 marks the first time in 10 years since the Hurricanes have reached the NHL Playoffs. The 2018-19 season was a wild ride for the Canes, and the NHL Playoffs have been just as crazy with plenty of wins to keeps the Canes’s sights on that Stanley Cup.

The NHL Playoffs started with the Canes against the Washington Capitals, who are the reigning NHL Stanley Cup Champions from the 2017-2018 season.

Facing such an experienced and formidable foe as the Washington Capitals in the NHL Playoffs, the Canes really had to rally in order to beat their opponent. Winning four out of the seven games in their first round of the NHL Playoffs, the Canes were really pumped and hopeful to win their second Stanley Cup—especially after showing that they could defeat the reigning champions.

Currently, the Carolina Hurricanes have the New York Islanders in the first two of their seven games—even though both of these games were played with home advantage for the Islanders.

I am a huge Carolina Hurricanes fan, and thus rooting for my hometown team; however, because the Canes are on a roll, many believe that they will likely sweep the Islanders to win the second round of the Stanley Cup and advance

to the final.

The Carolina Hurricanes are blew past the Washington Capitals and now drenching the New York Islanders. The next team in the path of this Hurricane better get out of the way because the Canes will win the Stanley Cup in 2019!The Carolina Hurricanes have the

Stanley Cup in their sights!


  1. 27averyh May 3, 2019

    Cool I do not watch a lot of sports but hockey is interesting.

  2. 27emmab May 3, 2019

    Wow! Sounds like you are a real Canes fan because it sounds like you know everything about them!

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