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Victory for the Carolina Hurricanes Is Close

The Stanley Cup 2019 is almost in the hands of the Carolina Hurricanes! Advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals for 2019 has been a real thrill for the Canes and all their fans, but the victory is not quite complete yet.

The Canes played the first two games of the Eastern Conference Finals in Boston. Being on the home ice for the Bruins was definitely an advantage which made it harder for the Canes. They actually lost both games against the Bruins.

The first of the two games in Boston were a pretty bad loss for the Canes. They scored only two against the Bruins, but the Bruins came out with five goals.

Going into the second game of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Canes were not that confident because of their initial loss to the Bruins and since they were still playing in Boston. The outcome was not good: the Canes were stuck at only scoring two goals again, but this time the Bruins went even farther to score six goals and clinch their second game win.

Moving to their home ice, the Carolina Hurricanes hoped for an advantage. They had gone undefeated at all their home games during the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2019. The Canes and their fans were pumped to beat the Boston Bruins, but another defeat resulted. Boston won two to one.

Even if the Carolina Hurricanes lose to the Boston Bruins in the fourth game and are out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Canes still earned plenty of credit during the Eastern Conference Finals 2019. They had to adjust to a first-year coach, Rod Brind’Amour, and a really young team.


  1. 27colem May 17, 2019

    Wow I did not know they had made it that far. That is impressive.

  2. 27ammonf May 17, 2019

    Hello Cole! I really liked your post on the Canes but unfortunately I am reading your post after the canes got swept so yeah…

  3. 27ganapathip January 21, 2021

    I really like the canes! In my old school, we used to get free tickets to games if we read a book!

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