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The Packers Win over the Eagles

Did you hear about the Green Bay Packers 16 – 30 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on 12/6/20? Here are a few stats and highlights from Sunday’s game.


Team  Eagles  Packers 


Total yards 278  437
Rushing yards  117 149
Passing yards  161 228
Yards per play  4.7 7.2
First downs  17 20
3rd down efficiency  4/13 5/12
4th down efficiency  1/1 1/1
Total plays 59 61
Sacks allowed  7 2
Punts  5 4
penalties(yards) 4(40) 5(30)
Interceptions  1 0
Time of possession  28:21 31:39


Aaron Rodgers had a great game on Sunday by having 25/34 completion percentage, 295 yards and 3 touchdowns. Two of them go to (Wr) Davante Adams and the other to (Te) Robert Tonyan Jr. and Aaron Jones had another breakout game with 15 carries, 130 yards and 1 TD. 


I think if the Packers can have another good game like this next Sunday, against  the Lions I feel like the Packers have the top playoff stop in their sights of course if the Saints lose because the Packers have the head to head against the Saints so the Packers would have the number one seed.   


  1. Ammon January 21, 2021

    Great post and I hope that the packers can make it to the Super Bowl!

  2. 27austing February 2, 2021

    Wow it soumds like it was a good game!

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