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My book Review

This is the first introduction in the young Sherlock Holmes series by Andrew Lane. Death Cloud although in my opinion is not the best in the series its still an amazing book. It’s starts with a fourteen year old Sherlock and he’s gone to stay with his Aunt and uncle in Farnham England because his dad is going to fight for the British in india, and when Sherlock is in Farnham there has been some mysterious deaths and witnesses say the saw a dark cloud coming of the body. Will Sherlock find out what’s causing these deaths or will he be a victim himself? 

Death Cloud has moderate action because the book is a mystery but when Sherlock finds himself in a sticky situation that’s when the action starts. Since it’s a mystery it takes some time to get up to speed on the action and adventure especially because it’s the first in a series. In my option I would rate this book a 4 out of five because compared to other books it’s a bit slower for Sherlock to really get involved in this mystery. This book is a bit gory because there is a lot of death and this mysterious cloud of death that comes off the victim’s body, and Sherlock’s life is in danger multiple times.     

Readers who like mysteries will enjoy this book but I warn that it is a bit gory but other than that if you’re over the age of ten and like mysteries I think you will like this book, and if you like books like these I suggest you read the young James Bond series by Charlie Higson the first five are by Charlie but the last four are by Steve Cole. Also if you liked young Sherlock Holmes try Alex Rider series by Anothny Horowitz.

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  1. 27parkeri February 24, 2021

    I enjoyed reading your post and will now probably read the death cloud. Thank you for inspiring me to read another series.

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