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Hope is our most precious resource

What I think they mean is that I made up a quote that kind of explains the sentence above.

The quote that I made up was “If you doubt you’ve already lost.” I bring this up because let’s say you’re in a basketball game and you’re down by ten at the end of the third quarter, and your team has been down all game. I’ll give you two scenarios: one your team doubts hope when they’re down by three with one minute left and since your team doubted then you lost by two because they weren’t able to score because one of your teammates didn’t try so you lost. Scenario number two: the same thing happens to your team and you have hope and the one teammate has hope and you win the game!

When I read this I was shocked because I thought of my quote and it kind of amazed me that something that close to something I made up.

And the hurricanes won last night over the Florida Panthers in ot 3-2

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  1. 27samh March 4, 2021

    I’ve never thought of it this way and that gives me a new perspective.

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